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Where is Classis Yellowtone located?

The Christian Reformed Church has designated a large portion of the Intermountain west to be Classis Yellowstone's jurisdiction including Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and part of Idaho.

Once part of Classes Columbia & Rocky Mountain- Classis Yellowstone was welded together by taking churches from rather different heritage and character streams, but yet sharing a common ground of ministry in a rather distinct geographic area.

Today you will find member churches in Montana: Helena, Bozeman, Churchill (south of Manhattan), and an emerging church in Belgrade.  While originally rural & immigrant in character, these churches today serve the needs of an ever widening group of worshipers that find a home in and represent the diverse but intertwined economic areas of agriculture, business, and education.

South of Montana in Utah you will find churches in Salt Lake City and West Valley.  These churches while rooted in the early immigrant pioneer culture today have emerged into a rather cosmopolitan model including new emerging global communities.  Utah, with a presence of one of our nation’s most predominant belief systems- Mormonism, presents a challenge for these congregations to become "lighthouses" of Christ's message to the people of the Salt Lake basin.

The World is coming to Classis Yellowstone!  Recognizing a need to be on the cutting edge of evangelism, Classis Yellowstone is attempting to meet the ever changing mosaic of it's worshipers by supporting the training of evangelistic leaders for tomorrow at The Vine Institute- follow this link to learn more: http://vine-institute.org/